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Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)

Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
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Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
Andarine (S-4) (25 mg 60 capsules)
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Andarine S4 for sale:

Andarine (S-4) is arylpropionamide-derived compound that is described as a new class of SARM [1]. Endogenous androgens have crucial physiological roles in controlling male sexual behavior. In addition, androgens are very important in building human structure such as muscle, bone, hair, skin and kidney [3]. However, the precise physiological roles of androgens in female are not fully understood. In [4], the authors showed that S-4 posses anabolic properties without the side effects associated with anabolic steroid [4].

Scientific Benefits of (S-4):

In [2], the authors showed that Andarine (S-4) demonstrated in vivo androgenic and anabolic activity. The activities of S-4 were tissue-selective stimulated the anabolic organs more than the androgenic organs. Although S-4 is less potent and efficacious than testosterone propionate (TP) in androgenic activity, but its anabolic activity is similar to or greater than that of TP.

Side Effects of S-4:

In preclinical and clinical trials, they have been found that S-4 possess anabolic properties without the undesirable side-effects normally associated with anabolic steroids

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