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Muscular Mass Problem:

The reduction in muscular mass is known as Skeletal muscle wasting that is an associated symptoms to different chronic diseases such as chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [1]. The associated conditions for Skeletal muscle wasting are called cachexia and sarcopenia. In case of cachexia, the wasting tissues other than muscle is involved and leads to net weight loss, and in case of sarcopenia reduction in muscle mass and strength are exist. These two conditions (cachexia and sarcopenia) may lead to increase the level of inflammatory markers, atrophy, and imbalance between muscle protein synthesis and degradation [2].

Steroids Testosterone Solution:

Therapies have been trying to increase the muscle mass in hope to improve the muscle strength; however, the FDA always ruled that both parameters (muscle mass and strength) should be improved for new drugs approval. In [3], Testosterone (as anabolic substance) and other anabolic-androgenic steroids have been used and evaluated for patients with chronic diseases with an inflammatory component. However, the results of testosterone and anabolic was very promising in increasing the muscle mass and bone mass, a broad tissue activation is occurred as undesirable side effects and causes prostatic hypertrophy [4] and prostate cancer in men. In addition, other undesirable side affects were presented from using testosterone such as lipid profile alteration, the cardiovascular risks, hepatotoxicity and gynecomastia. 

SARMs Solution:

In 1990s, the discovery of the first Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) was released to overcome the limitation associated with testosterone. Studies showed that SARMs have effect on the androgen receptor (AR) and the word selective to state the idea of selective binding in skeletal muscle and bones. SARMs are a new class of research substances that have a high anabolic potency and it has very limited androgenic effects which is the motive for research purposes [5]. Study reported that SARMs do not have the steroid-related side effects on different vital human systems: cardiovascular, hormonal systems, liver, skin, and mood [6]. Several studies were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of SARMs to treat different diseases such as muscular atrophy, hypogonadism, and osteoporosis; however, there is not enough evidence about the safety to gain clinical approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or European Medicines Agency (EMA) [7]. Recently, SARMs have been used in sports to enhance the performance including power, strength, and mass without having the steroid serious side effects. Furthermore, SARMs show the potential to be used as growth-promoting agents in livestock based farming [5].

There are several studies reported that SARMs Canada and USA are illegally sold as a dietary supplements; however, there is no safety approval from FDA. In addition, recent studies showed that Canada SARMs products have some discrepancies between the accuracy of the claimed products and content labeling [8]. A recent study reported that the discrepancies ranging from supplements have no active ingredients to supplements contain undeclared compound. In case of legit SARMs detected, discrepancies were noticed between the concentration measured and those listed on the package.  In case of undeclared compound, several cases have been reported by USA Anti-Doping Program including USPlabs, Enhanced Athlete, and Blackstone Labs and the report is published on the official website of USA anti-Doping website [9]. In realsarms, we are keen to provide high quality SARM Canada products that contains what is written on the bottle for research purposes, and our legit SARMs are tested to confirm that it is Real SARMs.

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