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YK11 pills:

In 2011, Yk11 was first studied by a Japanese researcher Yuihi Kanno. It is a novel steroid compound (YK11) is a partial agonist of the Androgen Receptor (AR). YK11 is one of the most myostatin inhibitor on the market [1].

How YK11 pills works:

YK11 does not include amino/carboxyl-terminal interaction and prevents 5-α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-mediated N/C interaction. Thus, YK11 speeds up nuclear translocation of AR. YK11 activates AR without amino/carboxyl-terminal interaction. In addition, YK11 attaches to the androgen receptor to inhibit the production of myostatin in the muscle and helps to build FST and increase the muscle growth [2].

Scientific Benefits of YK11 pills:

The consumption of YK11 and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) speed up cell proliferation and mineralization in mouse osteoblast cells. YK11 increased osteoblast specific differentiation markers. In [3], the authors show that YK11 causes increasing in cell growth. In addition, YK11 is considered as myostatin inhibitor so that it decreases the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines and organ damage markers and decreases the mortality rate. Thus, YK11 helps in revert muscle wasting in inflammatory environment.

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