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About Us:

Why SASk lab ?

We are third party tested, so our products have been tested bColmaric Analyticals LLC in FL and our Certificate of Analysis (COA) of all products are posted on our website. click here 

We have been in SARMs business since 2017 and we have many happy customers. There is no negative feedback about our store. We have the best customer service ever, and you can text us at time and we will respond. 

SASK lab:

It is a high tech laboratory in Texas, USA, controlled quality for better results. our goal is to provide the highest purity pharmaceutical grade selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS) on every order. All of our pharmaceutical grade SARMs have been tested using GC/MS and HPLC to ensure quality and purity standards second to none. Each order will contain a certificate of analysis for each product purchased.


We provide higher than 99% purity SARMs for research purposes.