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Stenabolic (SR9009)

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SR9009 for Sale at 99% purity level:

SR 9009 is known as stenabolic. In 2012, Scripps Research Institute discover SR 9009 and It is recognized as a synthetic pyrrole derivativet [1] that acts as REV-ERBalpha-specific agonists. The REV-ERBalpha is known as NR1D1 and it is a member of nuclear receptors [2].

Benefits of REV-ERB:

Improving REV-ERB expression increases the number and content of the mitochondrial. In addition, it decreases the level of autophagy flux, which leads to improve the exercise capacity [1]. The present of SR 9009 induced the expression of genes related to fatty acid catabolism along with enhancement the mitochondrial activity. In a study, consuming SR 9009 for 12 days caused an improvement in energy consumption without changing RER. However, consuming SR 9009 for 30 days significantly enhanced the mouse running time. In addition, the number of mitochondrial significantly increased in vitro.

Different between REV-REB and muscles:

Consuming SR 9009 targets REV-ERBalpha which has a significant advantage over other receptors, because REV-ERBalpha triggers skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis though a liver pathway without inducing a switch of muscle fiber types [3].

REV-REB and Circadian clock benefit:

REV-REB is an important component in Circadian clock and helps in regulating rhythmic changes in activity and metabolism. Thus, SR 9009 modifies Circadian regulation of skeletal muscle activity, which helps so much in increasing energy expenditure.

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