Cardarine (GW-501516)  is a PPARAδ agonist and NOT a SARM, but does work in very similar ways. GW-501516 targets the androgen receptors that stimulate glucose uptake and skeletal muscle tissue. Because of this it is being suggested as a potential future treatment for obesity due to its ability to quickly cause fatty acid oxidation.  Cardarine is also suggested to increased HDL levels (good cholesterol) by 79% and decreased LDL (bad cholesterol).

It has become a legend in the world of sports and athleticism due to its ability to burn off excess fatty tissue, enhance recovery, and dramatically increase endurance. GW-501516 generates proinflammatory markers in adipose tissue and decreasing the activity of genes involved in lipogenesis. This means that the body is able to block fatty acid chains from forming and being stored as fat. It is literally the best it gets when it comes to endurance, energy, stamina, and performance enhancement of any kind.

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